Do I really need a CPA?
This depends on how valuable your time is. Can you earn the same, or more, with the time you will dedicate to researching and preparing taxes? Are your taxes simple? My services aren’t needed for everyone, but if your time is valuable and limited, or you have had a financially busy year, you probably should contact me.

Should I consult a CPA if I am starting a new business?
Absolutely. It is imperative that you meet with me (or any other highly qualified CPA) to go over the business type, financial logistics and other tax issues. Waiting until years end can be very dangerous both financially and legally. Once your businesses tax parameters are properly setup, you can practice your new business with a confident state of mind.

While you operate your business, you will also need advice as your business grows. Keep in mind that its always worth going over some of your tax issues throughout the year so that everything runs smooth.

How much do you charge?
I base my fees on a number of factors including the types of services you will require, complexity of the work, and the overall time needed to get everything taken care of for you. Generally after our first meeting, I can give you an estimate. Please note that my estimate assumes your information will be given to me in decent shape and order, fairly organized, accurate and on-time.

How much should I have withheld?
This is a question I can answer only after I understand your tax situation. Some people prefer to have more withheld now and receive a refund at the end of the year while others need the money now. Once I understand your financial and tax situation, I can offer you some advice on withholdings.

What should I bring?
You won’t need to bring much to our first meeting. The first meeting is generally a casual “fact finding” conversation where I will learn about you and your family, your life’s and career goals as well as your financial position. Based on that, I will provide you with a list of documents I will need to proceed.

I would recommend bringing some questions or important factors happening in your life that you would like to discuss with me. The more organized we are, the more efficient our time usage is.